“It’s Playtime.”


The Playtray is exactly what its name promises – a tray that let’s you focus on the things that matter, like precious moments spent playing with your child.
Built for the Stoke Tripp Trapp chair, the Playtray is a perfect way to help contain spills and stains. From milk, juice and food to crayon marks, it’s the perfect surface for your toddler to eat and play.


The Playtray is the perfect companion for meals and playtime. With its rounded edges, the Playtray keeps spilled milk, juice and crayon marks on the tray. This means that your tables, floors and carpets stay in pristine condition. No more mealtime disasters! The Playtray helps your child learn how to eat and drink on their own, with messes contained within the tray.
We understand that a hungry toddler is a force to be reckoned with. That’s why the surface of the tray is also very resistant to marks from forks and spoons. The Playtray is also a fantastic safety feature. When the Playtray is in place, toddlers can’t reach the table with their feet, preventing backward tilting and giving you peace of mind.

Made in Denmark, the Playtray comes in black, white and transparent scratch-resistant plastic, and is made of the FDA-approved K-Resin RK150 (SBC).

How it works

As the Playtray is designed to work with the Stokke Tripp Trapp chair, it is easy to attach the tray to the chair. The Playtray slides into position easily: just slide the tray down to the side boards. When the Playtray reaches the right position and cannot slide down any further even under pressure, it is secure and needs no further support.
Cleaning the Playtray is easy, too. Either wipe it down or simply remove the Playtray by sliding it off and rinsing it in the sink.